Rapper T.I. has been released from jail a whole month early. In case you’ve had trouble keeping track of where the man has been in the last several years, he created a show back in 2009 called T.I.'s Road to Redemption, in which he prepared for jail tenure. Then he went to jail for felony weapons charges. Then he was released. One month after getting released, T.I. was pulled over with his girlfriend and charged for breaking probation after drugs were found in his car.

Now, T.I. has been released to a halfway house in Arkansas. According to MTV, he will retain a spot at the undisclosed halfway house until his 11-month probation sentence is served. The halfway house rebuke isn’t getting T.I. down, however. He’s already made a break for a computer and tweeted in multiple capital letters:
"The storm is over & da sun back out. IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE SHAWTY!!!!!

He’s probably just happy he will get to wear hats at weird angles again.

With T.I.’s release comes the dawn of a new, as of yet, untitled VHI reality series following the man. Since the last one featured T.I. telling teens how to avoid going down destructive paths, I think the new show will probably try to find a different niche for the uncouth rapper. If the catch him in the halfway home, maybe they could try something like Desperate Housemates: T.I. Edition. I’m sure there are enough celebrities on probation to keep that theme going for a few years.



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