Former Real Housewives Of Washington DC star Tareq Salahi went to the authorities last night, frantic because he couldn't find his wife Michaele. All of her possessions were inside the couple's home, but she seemed to have vanished into thin air. The FBI was called in, and the bureau began an investigation to figure out what the hell happened to the missing socialite. What they uncovered is just as bizarre as you might expect from a woman once caught trying to sneak into the White House.

It seems Michaele Salahi wasn't the victim of foul play or the victim of a horrible accident. She just willingly took off on her own-with the guitarist from Journey. After hearing news of her own missing persons report, Salahi contacted the FBI to let them know her whereabouts and ask they not tell her husband she ran off to Memphis to hear “Don't Stop Believin'” backstage.

Not wanting to involve themselves in a wild conspiracy, Journey released a statement this afternoon reiterating Salahi was not kidnapped but willingly in the band's company. The band's guitarist Neal Schon has been referred to as a “good friend” by various news outlets, but that descriptor seems a bit odd considering her unwillingness to tell her husband where she was going.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Tareq Salahi tearfully told NBC that he was not a party to his wife's faux abduction and was not trying to create a media frenzy. Too bad both he and his wife are low on credibility. The Salahi's have been sued by both his own parents and dozens of other business associates in the last ten years. She once claimed to have been a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins, but that boast was repudiated by the Washington Post. Whatever happened, it's safe to say the whole thing is fishy.

What do you think happened? Did she sneak off without her husband's knowledge or is this another scheme perpetrated by the publicity-hungry couple? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Do You Think Tareq Knew Where His Wife Was?

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