Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Given A Name, Will Go Public

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Farrah Abrahamís much-discussed sex tape is about to go from gossip item to real product on the market. The former Teen Mom star has reportedly signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment to release the footage, and for her signature on the dotted line, she will be paid very handsomely.

According to TMZ, very handsomely isnít as much as she originally wanted, but it is reportedly just shy of one million dollars, which makes me think her father may have been a far better negotiator than any of us thought. His creepy place at the discussions with Vivid may have actually been the right call. Maybe.

As for the specifics of the porno, itís reportedly seventy minutes long, includes porn star James Deen and will be called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Itís unclear what types of sexual acts will actually be included on the tape, but Iíll let you draw some of your own conclusions based on that descriptive title.

Given the scandal related to Farrahís time on Teen Mom, it seems pretty obvious this tape will definitely sell. The only real question is how much will it sell. Vivid will need to move a ton of units to overcome this one million dollar investment, but given all the free publicity the tape has already gotten, I think itíll probably turn out to be a very wise usage of resources.

Weíll let you know once a release date is announced for when the tape will hit the market. Until then, feel free to speculate wildly about all the shenanigans Farrah and James get up to in seventy minutes.
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