Former NFL rushing champion and accused murderer OJ Simpson was released from a Las Vegas jail last night after a vengeful judge doubled his initial bail. The Naked Gun star was freed a few months back, but after leaving an obscenity-filled accusatory message for a co-defendant, whom he was ordered not to contact, Simpson was hauled back to Vegas.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, the Juice refused comment to reporters waiting outside the prison, brushing them aside and quietly piling into his Mercedes. Sources have him heading back to Florida, where he’s presumed to remain until his April 7th court appearance.

For those of you who haven’t been following these absurd shenanigans, I’ll give a brief run-down. Late last year, OJ Simpson and several other men barged into the hotel room of several memorabilia dealers. This much has been admitted by all parties. The rest is a bit hazy. The defendants allege they just asked for the return of several pieces of Simpson memorabilia, which were stolen. The victims claim they acquired the pieces lawfully, and O.J.’s crew pulled out guns in an attempt to steal the expensive merchandise.

I side with O.J. Sure, he probably murdered his wife and her lover, but the man still rushed for thousands of yards. Plus, he was the longtime spokesman for Hertz. I’ve always had many pleasant business transactions with them in the past.




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