After a long fight in the hospital and then in rehab, beloved film critic and movie guru of record Roger Ebert is back! Today he published his first movie review since June, a review of the critically acclaimed movie The Queen. For the record, Roger agrees with the rest… it's really good.

Ebert's recovery is still ongoing. He may be writing again but he's doing it from somewhere in the bowels of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago where he must learn to walk all over again. You'll remember that Roger was first hospitalized with mouth cancer and expected a speedy recovery. Since then he's had numerous complications and still has a long road ahead.

Still, even in a limited capacity, it's good to have him back. On his official site he assure readers that while he did lose his mobility he "didn't lose any marbles". His mind is working, but his body isn't yet willing. He'll be writing irregularly and it won't be till at least early next year until he's back in full swing.

To Roger we here at Cinema Blend and Celebrity Stink send our best wishes. Get well soon sir, talking movies just isn't the same without you.



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