Tobey Maguire And Other Stars Sued Over Poker Profits

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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Former Spider-man star Tobey Maguire is being sued over poker profits. The thirty-five year old card shark reportedly took more than three hundred thousand dollars off businessman Brad Ruderman, but now that heís been indicted for running a Ponzi scheme, collectors have initiated court proceedings to recover the loot.

According to TMZ, Maguireís not the only famous face the interested parties are going after. The home games in question reportedly took place at former Paris Hilton boyfriend Rick Solomonís house and featured the likes of Ben Affleck, Leo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and director Nick Cassavetes, but as of press time, only Maguire, Francis, Solomon and Cassavetes have been acknowledged in the lawsuit. Maybe the other guys all lost money over the years or didnít play enough to warrant mention. Thus far, Maguire has been mum on the allegations, even after the petitioners offered a sixty-nine thousand dollar check as proof, but Cassavetes has released a statement saying he won the money fair and square and wonít return a dime.

This whole thing is an incredibly complicated issue. A lot of people lost a lot of money thanks to Brad Rudermanís nefarious business practices. Gambling is technically illegal in California; so, the winnings could be voided by a court. That being said, whatís next? If the plantiffs find out Ruerman slept with a hooker, will they try to reclaim that money too?

Online poker may be dead in the United States, but home games will never go away. I know this because I used to play a lot in high school before the world went ape shit over Texas Hold ĎEm. At first, it was just for five or ten bucks with my friends, but later, I started driving all over the county to play in shady basements for a few hundred dollars. It may not seem like much money now, but in retrospect, I remember a nervous tension hanging over all of those games. Iíve long since bailed in favor of keeping my hard earned cash, but that doesnít mean I donít still hear about secretive games popping up almost weekly. They happen in the backrooms of businesses, in the game rooms of ordinary citizens and even in luxurious mansions in the Hollywood Hills. Rumors are even afloat that Ruderman played some games in the backroom of Johnny Deppís Viper Room after the star sold the club.

Iím not sure Iíd just hand over my poker profits if any were any of these guys, but something tells me the plaintiffs will proceed until thereís a resolution.
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