There are two types of card games that take place in houses: the casual ones among friends and the high-stakes ones among acquaintances. The former typically involve beers, laughs and a general sense of camaraderie. The latter are much more serious and feature far less talking and a whole lot more money. In most places, both are technically illegal but neither are shut down very often. Cops have a lot better things to worry about, and barring a robbery, the whole thing is kind of seen as a tolerated vice. Unfortunately, when someone sitting at the table is playing with stolen money, there can be actual ramifications. That’s what Tobey Maguire and a host of other poker-playing celebrities found out recently when they were sued by the trustee of Ruderman Capital.

The company, founded by Brad Ruderman, was recently exposed as a Ponzi scheme, and in an attempt to find out where the money went, it was discovered that the CEO had lost roughly twenty-five million dollars playing poker. Some of that reportedly happened in some big money Hollywood games that featured such famous names as Ben Affleck and Leonardo Dicaprio. Perhaps luckily for those two, each reportedly came out a loser, but Tobey Maguire and Gabe Kaplan apparently won big. The trustees asked the men, among others, to return their loot, but not surprisingly, they were initially resistant, feeling they’d won fair and square. Now Maguire has reconsidered his stance and decided to settle to avoid a lawsuit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Maguire will play eighty thousand dollars of the reported three hundred thousand he won. That might sound like a measly fraction, but considering he had no idea Ruderman was gambling with other people’s money, it seems like a fair compromise to me. The agreement has already been signed by both parties, and a judge will decide whether it’s legally fair in December.



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