America's juror system is clever in that it keeps one person from deciding the fate of one person's life; however, it's also moronic in that it allows total idiots to sit upon a jury. If you've done jury service, you know what I'm talking about. Today's verdict in the Casey Anthony trial was discussed by our resident legal expert Mack Rawden here, but god knows the celebrity public is as qualified as anyone to judge the jury. Enjoy.
Conan O'Brien
I wonder how Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are celebrating the 5th of July?

Roger Ebert
Huh. Cybertron is the name of the Transformers' planet."A.I." Cybertronics is the name of the robot manufacturer in Spielberg's "A.I."

Andy Milonakis
and french people are cool but a lot of french in the service industry are complete dickheads for no reason, holy fuck, so rude

Julie Benz
Little boy at the grocery store asked me if I was Jewish.. The Catholic in me felt too guilty to tell him no... So I lied.. #imgoingtohell

Ralph Macchio
casey anthony verdict = disturbing - is an understatement

Greg Grunberg
Do we just not believe in finding anyone GUILTY anymore?! Sick to my stomach! #LosingFaithInTheSystem

Simon Pegg
Prince William didn't miss the goal with that hockey puck. He meant to hit that pap in the ball bag. What's that old Klingon proverb again?

Emmy Rossum
Casey Anthony admitted that her daughter died on HER watch. Isn't that the very definition of abuse/neglect? #JusticeForCaylee

Dave Foley
Casey Anthony not guilty. Why would they let the verdict be rendered on Opposite Day? Tragic.

Dear Florida, THANK YOU for freeing Casey! She's now available for partying and babysitting!

Mindy Kaling
Maybe the jury didn't know infanticide was homicide? Help! Help!



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