Tweet Blend: Drew Carey Watches Battle: Los Angeles High, Ludacris Goes On An RV Road Trip

By Jacob Sundstrom 2011-07-01 00:29:07
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You know what would be a great movie? A rapper starring as a man who goes on an RV vacation in order to impress a woman and endear himself to her children. What? An amalgamation of two films does not count as a rip-off; I'm quite certain I'm not violating any copyright laws with that idea. It could be called "Is The RV There Yet?" and star Ludacris as the man trying to get with the RV loving woman. Twitter, unearthing cinematic gold one tweet at a time.
Drew Carey
I have to say, everything about #Battle:LosAngeles is good except for about 30% of the dialogue and plot points. #notbadifstoned

Peter Sagal
Thanks to all in Nashville and Middle Tennessee for the welcome, the hot chicken, and the bourbon. Ya'll stay so I can come back, ya hear?

Wil Wheaton
I'm really glad I waited here for six fucking hours for your technician to not show up or call, @ATTCustomerCare. You're just ACES.

Stephen Tobolowsky
My turtle has gone totally agro.Maybe it is the heat. Maybe he has reached the tipping point of worm intake and he has kicked into dino gear

RV ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Gunn
I'd be more interested in this Chris Hanson story if he was having an affair with that brain surgery scar dude they caught twice on TCaP.

Joe Rogan
People have loyalty towards their choice of dickhole or no dickhole. It's like Mac VS Windows, Christianity VS Atheism, Vegan VS Carnivore

Michael Ian Black
Diet tip: counteract a diet high in salt with extra ice cream.

Kirstie Alley
I think I will run for President... What I dont know about politics, I'll make up for by handing out gift certificates to Barneys

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