Tweet Blend: Hugh Jackman Rides Roller Coasters In New Jersey, Nick Frost Is Gross

By Jacob Sundstrom 2011-06-29 15:25:44
I'm not sure if I would categorize Nick Frost as funny so much as I would categorize him as sophomoric and juvenile. Sometimes that's funny, sometimes it's just a little pathetic. For instance, he was probably that fat friend in high school that farted without shame and made the boys in his group giggle with delight. Girls probably found him disgusting, and he pretended he liked it that way. It all sort of sounds like a movie he could be starring in, or has starred in several times in the past. Still, either he's showing his true colors on Twitter, or he's just playing the part 24/7.
Nick Frost
The kids next door always look so frightened when they catch me shitting in their garden.

Roger Ebert
Some critics are praising "Transformers 3" for being so more of the same they hated before.

Wil Wheaton
I swear to fuck, AT&T, if my goddamn DSL keeps going down as much today as it did yesterday, I'm renaming my LAN to Paris Hilton.

Russell Crowe
45 mins body movement intense, 30 min break,90 minute body movement with weighted objects...beautiful day here,hope yours is similar

Marlee Matlin
I do like this analogy. Our kids can finish their homework on time; sometimes early. Why can't Congress? Why wait til final hour?

Danny DeVito
A marathon of episodes before Melissa and Joey...I get like catch peeps up on things.... I like that kind of stuff.Ö

Mindy Kaling
My misplaced compassion today goes out to Federer. I feel bad. Poor guy.

Hugh Jackman
Green lantern ride at 6 flags...awesome.....I am such a big kid!

I love that the Teen Choice Awards put Michael Cera in Best Action Actor against Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker & @TheRock. Bring it!

Bow Wow
This is da worst part Leaving you. Right now u dont understand but later on u will. Time to go out n get it so u can have the best life ever

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