Comic-Con is Mecca for nerds of all shapes and sizes, and it's also the place where celebrities go to fire up the troops over their newest films. How much this convention really has to do with comics anymore, I'm not really sure; but Twitter has opened up the door even further to those of us who are either too afraid, or too poor to afford the San Diego Comic Convention. So, enjoy the tweets, the pictures, and follow the Cinemablend list all weekend long for more coverage straight from the stars.
Chris Hardwick
At Comic-con. I hope I don't get that Belgian strain of Legionnaires' disease that comes from Smurfs pooping in the air vents.

Emmy Rossum
Comic Con traffic is nuts going to the convention center. About 50 Wilfred's are blocking the streets!

Pee-wee Herman
About to go on! #SDCC

Fact: The daughter of @LeeUnkrich rocks a mean Ramona Flowers outfit.

Morgan Spurlock
Surprise!! Just did a sneak preview of the Comic-Con Episode IV trailer in Hall H. Coming this fall to a theater near you! Thanks @SdGee

Doug Benson
COMIC CON 2012 - Masks allowed, but please don't rob anyone! #ComicConSlogans #sdcc

Lee Unkrich
OMG, I just totally got recognized at #ComicCon. This lady said, "Look - it's that actor! Andy Bernard!"

Hugh Jackman
Amazing time at Comic Con!!!! What a crowd!!!! Thanks for coming out!! #RealSteel #SDCC

Damon Lindelof
Hall H. 3:30. And yes, there will be Timberlake.

Felicia Day
I'm sorry the line is really long for the @dragonage panel!! It's a small room :( #SDCC



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