Tweet Blend: Roger Ebert Has Nothing To Apologize For, Joel McHale Judges Chest Tattoos

By Jacob Sundstrom 2011-06-21 15:34:38
Yesterday, Roger Ebert seemingly set the world aflame by making an 'insensitive' comment on the death of Ryan Dunn; the Jackass star that died in a car crash after drinking and driving. Other than some anger from Bam Margera, one of Dunn's closest friends, the overall Twitter response was actually fairly light. It shows where we are in America that no one gets a free pass when it comes to drinking and driving, not even a jackass.
James Gunn
Yes, the tweet about Ryan Dunn was uncool, but I'm thinking we should lay off Roger Ebert as he's apparently senile.

Jim Gaffigan
Our 2-day-old baby sleeps all the time. I think hes on drugs.

Aziz Ansari
"Sorry I was 15 min late, I was YouTubing clips from Demolition Man for no reason." #IfIWereHonestAboutWhyIWasLateforStuff

Joel McHale
I saw a woman with a huge chest tattoo that read "Only God Can Judge Me". Cool, but I've already gone ahead & done some prelim work.

Andy Milonakis
Oh my god, missing UPS or FEDEX really upsets me on such a huge level. OF COURSE I WANNA GO TO THE VALLEY TO PICK IT UP AFTER 7AM. FUCK YOU

Donnie Wahlberg
Today- Why waste time being angry about things you can't control when you can make use of time being happy about the things you can control?

Roger Ebert
My new blog entry, just posted: "Friends don't let friends drink and drive."

Donald Glover
Fuck what you heard. I love you. Hard. #gnight

Stephen Colbert
Two days until JK Rowling announces her new Harry Potter venture! My guess: a book called "Harry Potter and the Big Bags of Cashzkaban."

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