Watch Dude Put On Pants Without Using His Hands

By Mick Joest 2 years ago
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Words cannot describe how bizarrely awesome this is. A man has learned to put on his pants without the use of his hands. Instead, heís utilizing some weird gyration technique that will make you slightly uncomfortable. Even so, I canít help but be impressed that a guy managed to grind his way into a pair of jeans in less than a minute. I have so many questions, and none of them question the inclusion of Europeís ďThe Final Countdown." That song is bad ass so of course it would accompany such a unique stunt.

What possesses a man to learn how to put his pants on without hands? Is he some kind of acrobat looking to showcase his mad skills? Perhaps his hands were broken at some point and he was forced to learn this way. It's possible heís a dirty exhibitionist wanting to flaunt his body in a seemingly innocent way? Maybe, just maybe, he was really bored and just tried it.

Whatever his reasoning, his video sparked a phenomenon. People worldwide are now trying to put on pants without using their handsÖ

Surely there are more constructive things we could be doing with our time. Why couldnít there be a viral video of a guy showing how to cure some illness in under a minute? Seriously, if you saw the sheer number of people who have uploaded a video attempting this since the original went viral, you would be astounded. Itís like this years Harlem Shake, except a lot weirder.

I canít believe the amount of fame this guy is getting either! If I wouldíve known doing something as simple as this would net me over 6 million views on YouTube, I wouldnít waste my time being creative. I can make a video of myself putting on clothes in a difficult way! I could just be a smart ass and upload a video that says, ďGuy Puts On Shirt Without Feet!" Thatís actually not a bad idea. A quick search of YouTube says it hasnít been done, so Iím going for it! Later suckers, Iím off to be famous.

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