The skirmish between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy may have gotten the lion’s share of the headlines following the BET Hip Hop Awards, but new footage makes it clear the undercard between Gunplay and 50 Cent’s posse was pretty intense too. The clip shows the “Candy Shop” hitmaker and four or five of his buddies including Mike Knox get approached by Gunplay right before all hell breaks loose. Punches are thrown. Heads are slammed into guard rails, and security guards sprint to try to and break the whole thing up.

Not surprisingly, the footage is extremely NSFW. There is violence, swearing and adult themes. If your boss is around, hold off on watching. Otherwise, take a look, courtesy of World Star Hip Hop

I have no idea what the hell Gunplay said to trigger the brawl, but according to TMZ, Mike Knox told a radio station this morning the rapper wasn’t behaving in the best fashion and got “his ass kicked” because of it. Regardless of the reason, the evening should have been about celebrating the best hip hop has to offer. Instead, because of this incident and the Ross/ Jeezy brawl, it’s turned into a violent scandal.

Here’s to hoping everyone involved works their issues out verbally next time.



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