What do you do when you’ve tied Michael Jackson for the most number one singles on one record? Katy Perry’s philosophy is pretty simple - put out another single, of course. After filming the video for the newly promoted track in late September and early October, the songstress decided to premiere her sixth video off of the 2010 hit album Teenage Dream yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Called “The One That Got Away,” Perry’s new single is a clash of myopic emotion presented in an overblown cinematic forum that features Diego Luna and old lady makeup. As if I'm not totally digging the ridiculousness of a teenage ideal relationship based on sexy times and painfully ugly matching tattoos. It’s certainly something different from Perry and director Floria Sigismondi, who, according to MTV also directed Perry’s “E.T.” clip.

In old and young makeup Perry somehow manages to wax poetic about listening to Radiohead and Johnny Cash, as well as dating someone who would stoop low enough to steal his parents' liquor. It's cute though, 'cause it's Luna who is doing the stealing. I would have been even more impressed if she had managed to connect her youthful love to something more appropriate like a Sounds reference, but I understand that’s asking for a lot (Where were you in your youth, Katy Perry?). You can check out the video, below.



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