President Obama paid a visit to The Tonight Show last night to talk to Jay Leno about the issues. And by "issues" we mean anything from the debate, to Senate candidate Richard Mourdock's comments about pregnancies resulting from rape, to the NHL lockout. Check out these clips from Obama's interview with Leno to see what he had to say.

The mood switched from humorous to serious to sports to Donald Trump as President Barack Obama addressed various topics while talking with Jay Leno last night. The mood was mostly light, but given how close the election is, talking about the things voters care about also appeared to be a priority. Check out the highlights ahead.

Obama on the difference between debating with Romney and debating with his wife.

Things get serious when the president comments on the rape statement from Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, and commented on women's healthcare.

And here's his comment on the NHL Lockout, which was a response to a Facebook question.

And, after the jump, see what Obama has to say about Donald Trump!




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