After weeks of being the guy at the party who refuses to leave, Representative Anthony Weiner finally announced his resignation from Congress today. The forty-six year old New Yorker had steadfastly refused to turn in his keys, instead trying to compromise with counseling and treatment, but eventually, the pleas of his wife coupled with giant and public middle fingers from nearly all his fellow politicians were enough to push him out the door.

Not surprisingly, his press conference turned into an almost zoo-like atmosphere filled with cat calls, shouts of “pervert” and one reveler loudly asking if he was bigger than seven inches. He was mum on that last detail, but he did take the time to thank his wife for sticking by his side. She’s a top level aide working under Hilary Clinton and just announced she was pregnant. Something tells me the added stress of seeing her husband’s proclivities mocked on a daily basis wasn’t helping her get through her first trimester

As for the Congressman’s future, he promised to continue using his talents for the public good, but smart money says whatever his next position is likely won’t be so public. Take a look at the press conference below…



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