Watch This Skateboarder Backflip Down 6 Stairs

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Itís amazing how far skateboarding has come. Decades ago, the Z-Boys were learning how to propel themselves out of swimming pools and into the air, celebrating just inches of early vertical air. Now skateboarders are pulling off 900s and doing stairway tricks as utterly crazed and brilliant as the one youíre about to see.

Earlier this year, professional rider Adam Miller built up a moderate amount of speed in front of six stairs and proceeded to dismount and backflip down a level and onto the waiting board without breaking stride. Not surprisingly, the footage quickly went viral, and you can check out the clip belowÖ

I have no idea how many times Miller horrendously wiped out trying to perfect this trick. Iím sure he earned himself plenty of gnarly bruises and hideous gashes in the name of future badassitude, but whatever the toll, it was definitely worth it. This might be the most impressive skateboarding trick I have ever seen, and I canít imagine there are many other people in the world with the balls or the talent to replicate it.

So, well played, Adam Miller. Iím sure your family would have been scared to death if they knew you were going to try this, but in retrospect, you made the right call.
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