Editor’s Note: Is there anything people agree on less than music? It’s really staggering if you think about it. There’s like fifty albums ever created that the world has collectively given a thumbs up to, and the rest is debated, maligned, recommended, jeered, scolded, praised, chastised and given a well played slap on the ass, all at the same time. Amongst our own writers here at Pop Blend, we can’t even got on the same page, but with so much music being released at any given time, it’s still worthwhile knowing what others are listening to. At least that’s the theory behind our all-new column Weekend Download Recommendations. Every Sunday, one of our writers will give you three albums, three singles and a music video they’ve been listening to. Love it, hate it, think it’s okay, at least you’ll be aware of its existence. So, without further ado, here’s round one with Jessica Grabert…

Cinema Blend’s first ever Weekend Download Recommendations will of course tell you what to listen to. In doing so, it would be easy to suppose we’d go the route of free loving summer jams, something like Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” would be fitting for this freewheeling summer, and if we were in for a hint of nostalgia, our favorite type of hint, we might request “Run Around”. However the breezy, wheezy ways of June are moving into a stifling, firecracker July, where weather is more like a heat wall than something fun to traipse through. In the name of all things heat, we’ve brought you some music to remember the winter. And some more tunes to just help you get by. Unless you live in the Northern part of this country, or, heaven forbid, Canada, where the weather has always been breezy in July and it’s just now time to bring out the boats. In which case, fuck you.



The Black Eyed Peas’ “Just Can’t Get Enough”
Forget Will. I. Am autotuning his voice; sit back and enjoy the Asian dude in The Black Eyed Peas getting a full verse and Fergie contorting that prosaic voice into a warble. For someone that old, she can occasionally pull off the surprisingly cute. After the first single on The Beginning where Fergie intoned “here to get freaky” in that creepster voice, I’d rather keep this image of Fergie than anything else. Plus you can dance slutty to “Just Can’t Get Enough.” OMG.

Caribou’s icy remix of Radiohead’s “Little By Little”
I don’t know much about Caribou e.g. Manitoba e.g. Daniel Snaith, but I do know I like the Radiohead track “Little By Little” a little better as a remix. The track, along with Jacques Greene’s remix of “Lotus Flower” is the first of a series of singles Radiohead is releasing on vinyl, beginning this month. You can find more information at Radiohea’s site. Advertising finished.

Tom Petty “American Girl”
Man, quintessential Midwest summer songs are never a good way to begin a column, no matter how awesome the quintessential Midwest summer song is. I would rather have thrown out some slow-moving, southern timbre songs about the pains of being in pure heat. Sweltering doesn’t really play into Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” But after the man of many liberal sentiments sent Michelle Bachmann backing away from HIS song, it deserved a mention.


Muse’s Black Holes and Revelations
College students in too tight t-shirts listen to Muse. And cowboys who are really rednecks with offensive belt buckles listen to Muse. And fifty year-old moms, who buy expensive haircuts and then still blow out their hair like its 1980 listen to Muse. I don’t normally listen to Muse. However, with upcoming tour dates and a specifically expensive ticket looming on my horizon, I found myself turning to Black Holes and Revelations. Although Black Holes and Revelations is not the first album Muse fans will point to, it makes this week’s list because “Starlight” is a great summer driving song--if you’re not the type to fling too hastily down darkened highways. Perhaps it would be better to have put “Starlight” in the singles section, but the rest of the album is such a joyous example of paranoid hyper rock with angry overtones, it wouldn’t be fair to be choosy.

Tame Impala’s Innerspeaker
For all those people all too willing to take the last deck chair at the pool, here’s an album full of pot, and probably cigarettes. That latter part is especially conjecture, but it sounds about right for an idle afternoon. Every time I hear this album it is through tinny IHome speakers where people are prepping food of some sort for less than $8 an hour. Which is a shame. If you’re wealthy and not working this summer, aka. In high school or college and wealthy and not working this summer, this album should really be your Bible. It’s all about blissful laze.

Laura Veirs’ July Flame
I know the name-theme correlation’s probably got you all hot and bothered, but July Flame’s actually named after a peach. If there’s one thing that can be learned from storytelling lessons, it’s that themes can be a bit of a tough mold. To take a slow, smoldering, and content album and throw it on in the throes of a summer evening might seem a little chancy, but I promise it’ll do you some good. If Veir’s album were truly about flame it would be the type to dance quietly and solitarily. It’s the solitude that seems her point, quite the opposite of a wall of heat that disquiets more than it separates people. Spend some time alone with this album and maybe you’ll see what I mean.

Music Video
Muppets! Ween! Reminder: new The Muppets movie in November!



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