Whoops: Justin Bieber Looks To Be Smoking Marijuana In New Picture

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Justin Bieber is no stranger to smoking pictures. The pop star was caught blazing on two separate occasions at the very beginning of this year, and if a new snapshot is to be taken at face value, he may be on to round three.

Thereís currently a photograph flying around Instagram and Twitter of the teenager sitting at a table alongside a woman who looks a lot like rumored girlfriend Ariana Grande and lighting a long cylindrical object that looks a lot like a joint but could potentially be a cigarillo. You can take a look at the picture in question belowÖ

From where Iím sitting, it sure as hell looks like heís smoking a joint, but according to TMZ, itís a whole lot more complicated than that. Grandeís publicist is reportedly denying vociferously that itís the former Nickelodeon star in the picture, and Bieberís people are saying the joint was Photoshopped in there. If so, thatís some pretty impressive Photoshopping, but given how incredibly good some people have gotten at the program, itís certainly not out of the question.

If this is, in fact, a picture of the Biebs smoking pot, it pisses me off on a stupidity level a whole lot more than a moral level. If he wants to get high within the confines of his own home when heís not planning on driving, I really donít care, but given how far his public relations stock has fallen over the past few months, you would think heíd be more careful about who he parties with and whether or not theyíre allowed to brandish cameraphones about. After all, Iím pretty sure he could get his bodyguard to collect every single iPhone in the entire party, and people would agree in order to gain the chance to blaze up with the Biebs.

Itís unlikely anyone involved will comment again on this story, but if they do, weíll be sure to bring you the quotes.
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