Absent Amanda Bynes Has Lawyer Plead Not Guilty On Hit And Run Charges

By Mack Rawden 2012-09-27 12:31:01
Amanda Bynes didn’t attend her first court date today related to the hit and run charges pending against her, but the lawyer she sent in her place entered pleas of not guilty on both counts. The actress has long maintained her innocence on all of the recent vehicular problems she’s had. Thus, the not guilty plea wasn’t a big surprise, nor was her lack of attendance.

Earlier this week, Bynes packed her things and headed to New York City. She reportedly told friends she has no interest in ever coming back to Los Angeles, but thanks to her legal problems, a permanent relocation isn’t an option at this point. According to TMZ, Bynes’ next hearing related to her case is October 19. If convicted, she could get six months for each charge. If convicted of the DUI and driving with a suspended license charges she also has outstanding, she could wind up getting far more time behind bars too.

The former All That star has reportedly spent the past several days seeing the sights in New York City and shopping. Her parents reportedly relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to her, but considering she hasn’t broken any laws or driven thus far in the Big Apple, it’s hard to say leaving was a bad decision.

We’ll keep you updated as Bynes interacts with the court system over the next few months. Her smartest play would probably be to bundle everything together and try to strike a deal, but at this point, it doesn’t seem like she’s even considering that.
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