Just like their name implies, Ghostland Observatory brings their audience to a ghost land, filled with haunting synthesizers, an intense yet beautiful light show with lasers, fog and amazing strobe affects that create artificial clouds atop the beautiful trees that covered the amphitheater stage at Live Oak Music Park. This effect helped the audience prepare for this band's unexpected music that rocked the very soul of every person in that area. The lead singer's piercing vocals and the electronic guru who wore a cape made a unique experience that effortlessly blended light, sound, and trippy visuals.

Ghostland Observatory inspired the audience to groove, but the light show and sounds gave them a feeling of perpetual shock. Thomas Ross Turner who plays the synthesizers and drums sends off this persona, where he’s the Wizard of Oz and the audience members are his Dorothy, Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow. His music was the beat in which everyone followed, but it was the lead singer who put it all together.

He entered the stage with a presence like Michael Jackson, dancing, gyrating and moving as though he was the conductor of our trip through this ghostly land his partner was creating. On the occasions that he picked up a guitar as well, the audience felt the true power, and saw the simple electro-pop group morph into an all-out rock ensemble. Impressive--for only have two people.

Their crowd who are sometimes called GLO’s, standing for Ghost Land Observatory, were so pumped up by this shocking yet uplifting show that the rest of us fed off of their energy. If the Flaming Lips and Buckethead didn’t shock me so much, Ghostland would have been the number one band of the weekend for me.

One of the best things about Blackwater Music Festival for me was that there were so many bands I had never heard of. What I came upon was so memorable, shocking, and overall insane, I knew Ghostland Observatory was something special. They shocked me with their unbridled way of mixing pop music with rock tinged synthesizers and drum machines. The lights complimented the music perfectly, and the audience’s willingness to go all out in the group’s eccentric fashion was the best thing of all.



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