Chris Evans Shows A GQ Reporter A Real Good Time

By Jacob Sundstrom 5 years ago
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I donít know Chris Evans, and chances are that neither do you. After reading a celebrity profile of him told excellently by GQís Edith Zimmerman Iím still not sure I know a damn thing about the Captain America star; but it doesnít make a lick of difference. What can be found in that link is one of the most entertaining, refreshing, and interesting Ďinterviewsí I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

While it could have gone deeper, and certainly could have revealed more, the real story here is about an emerging star having one last hurrah. Chris Evans can get away with what is shared in the story by Ms. Zimmerman; Robert Downey Jr. could not. Give it a year and Chris Evans will be a household name, and if the miserable Fantastic Four had been significantly less miserable, he probably already would be; which would have dismayed the aforementioned Edith quite greatly, Iím sure.

The interview is also about the grey area between a starís personality and their persona, and how often the difference canít be determined. Although it takes quite some doing to be extremely outgoing and personal, so the real question is just how much polishing did Evans do for the sake of sounding Captain America-ish for the readers of GQ, if any at all. Hereís one thing I do know, if Cinema Blend gets to do a profile on Evan Rachel Wood, Iíve got dibs.
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