The Beckhams have something to celebrate other than David’s soccer club's recent string of success; Victoria has given birth to their fourth child and their first daughter. After giving birth to three kids, the best part about giving birth a fourth time is not having to be pregnant anymore; at least, that’s what my mom always said. The baby was very healthy at 7lbs 10ozs and was born in Los Angeles this morning (7/10/11).

WENN broke the news, which included quotes from David Beckham and Prince William, who were both at the BAFTA shindig that messed up traffic in Los Angeles all day yesterday. God bless royalty. Suspicion that the birth was imminent came when David told Prince William, “Victoria really wanted to come but she is just so tired at the moment. She sent you both lots of love", to which William responded, "Don't be silly, send her all our love and tell her good luck with it all."

No word on when the name of the girl will be released, but one can only hope that it will continue on the fine tradition started with Cruz, Romeo, and Brooklyn. Perhaps the girl will be called Beverly to honor the city that the Beckhams currently call home; or maybe they’ll name it after Kate Middleton. Regardless, we at Cinemablend offer a hearty congratulations to the Beckhams. Now get out there and lose some soccer games, Beckham; the Earthquakes aren’t going to be able to do anything on there own, it appears.



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