More details are starting to emerge about what happened prior to photographer Chris Guerra being struck by a car yesterday evening, and if true, they paint the picture of a man who thought he was on the heels of a scandalous story. The twenty-nine-year-old paparazzo, who regularly followed Justin Bieber for a photo agency, reportedly called into his bosses and told them he spotted the pop star smoking marijuana out of his pipe while driving around Los Angeles in his Ferrari. Unfortunately for Guerra, the man inside the car was not the Biebs.

After meandering around the city a bit, the unidentified man inside Justin’s Ferrari was pulled over by police. According to TMZ, Guerra pulled over too and began taking pictures of the traffic stop. Pissed off, the cop told the photographer to get back in his car for his own safety, but a few minutes later, he was fatally struck by another vehicle.

Since he thought he was about to break a huge story and likely cash in big time, it’s easy to see why Guerra got out of his car and risked his life. Unfortunately, it definitely was not worth it. Pop Blend’s sincerest sympathies go out to his entire family, as well as all those affected by his loss. Regardless of one’s feelings on the paparazzi, a twenty-nine-year-old getting struck down in the prime of his life is always a tragedy.

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