Deena Cortese Gets Banned From The Spicy Cantina And Mexican Grill

By Mack Rawden 2012-09-13 18:19:58
The Spicy Cantina & Mexican Grill in Seaside Heights, New Jersey probably thought serving Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese would be good for business, but it turns out her presence wound up being very bad for the bottom line. The New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control just announced its leveling a $15,000 fine against the establishment for giving the reality star alcohol after she was already “visibly intoxicated”.

Following her roughly ninety minute stay in the bar, Cortese walked outside, wandered around in traffic, caused significant delays and was ultimately arrested for her behavior. Prosecutors let her pay a fine and plead guilty to not using the sidewalk, but there was no such slap on the wrist for the Spicy Cantina. In an aggressively worded statement, the aforementioned Alcoholic Beverage Control made it clear it’s hoping the penalty will serve as a warning to others who might serve someone who is clearly bombed for the sake of cameras. Here’s a portion of rebuke, courtesy of CBS
”This settlement is a cautionary tale for licensees who might think ignoring the law for the sake of air time is good for business. By turning a blind eye to the mayhem that can be associated with reality television, you are risking your livelihood. That is, without a doubt, bad for business."

For her part in the mayhem, Cortese has been banned from the Spicy Cantina for the next two years. Given how much money she cost the owner, it would be surprising if she was welcome after her penalty was served. Besides, sometimes it’s better to avoid the location of your biggest embarrassments.
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