In one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes of all time, Kramer gets a nine-to-five job and begins carrying a briefcase to work–a briefcase full of crackers. Possibly trying to outdo everyone’s favorite obnoxious neighbor, Law & Order’s Dennis Farina was picked up by Federal Agents for stuffing his briefcase with non work-related items, in this case: a loaded gun.

Not since Mike Huckabee’s fuck-up of a son have I been surprised by such incompetence. The former star of Get Shorty attempted to board a plane on Sunday but was quickly apprehended after the security machine picked up wind of his gat. According to The Los Angeles Times, Farina was described by investigators as very cooperative and claimed to have forgotten the gun was inside. A likely story considering he didn’t even hold a permit for the weapon.

The actor was released on thirty-five thousand dollars worth of bail and is expected to answer charges soon to be levied against him in the near future.



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