Dior Officially Announces Rob Pattinson As New Face

By Jessica Rawden 2013-06-12 21:45:31
Back in October, amidst the seemingly never-ending saga that was Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewartís love life, rumors began circulating that Pattinson had signed on as the new face of high end label Diorís menís fragrances line. While this was reported as a fact, Dior didnít officially announce the collaboration until today and we have the details on the actorís campaign for the line.

While Pattinson has already done work as the face of the line and probably has the swag to boot, fans wonít actually get to see his pretty face in print ads or a commercial until September. Pattinson has shot a print ad campaign that will street on September 1, as well as 60-second and 80-second commercials that are set to debut later that month. According to New York Magazine, the print campaign was shot by Nan Goldin and the commercial was shot by Romain Gavras.

The really bad news is that the commercials and print ads are set for a European release (excepting the U.K.) and Asian release (excepting China and Japan), which means the adoring public in the U.S. is definitely going to have to YouTube the stuff to catch it. Hopefully, the advertising will be just as adorable as Mila Kunisí Miss Dior handbags campaign and far less creepy than Brad Pittís now infamous Chanel ad.

Pattinson may be busy with his acting career, but thereís no reason why he shouldnít take side projects in the world of fashion that will also hook him up with free products. Those cheekbones are perfect for a Dior ad, and supposedly heís a fan of the brand to boot. Weíll let you know if this fashion endeavor leads to others.
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