Dr. Conrad Murray Is Out Of Jail And Eager To Practice Medicine Again

By Mack Rawden 2013-10-28 06:58:36
Dr. Conrad Murray’s medical reputation may still be in tatters following his 2011 conviction for involuntary manslaughter, but thanks to prison overcrowding in California, the doctor now has his freedom. If rumors are to be believed, he also has a mostly completed memoir about his life, dreams of landing his own reality show and a strong desire to begin practicing medicine in Nevada.

According to TMZ, Murray was released at 12:01 this morning after serving exactly two years, or half of his four-year-sentence. A small army of photographers and Jackson supporters waited outside the jail to take pictures and assumedly, heave insults at him upon exiting; so, prison officials let him quietly sneak out the side door and back into the real world without causing a scene. Moving forward, however, that’s allegedly exactly what he wants to do.

Various outlets are reporting that Murray is planning to hire a publicist and is interested in taking meetings with reality show producers. He also allegedly has the mostly completed book, for which he’ll probably be able to find a publisher in short order. He might not be the most beloved character on the block, but there is certainly interest in hearing his side of the story in an OJ Simpson sort of way.

Dr. Murray was pop star Michael Jackson’s doctor. He regularly gave the singer a steady dose of prescription drugs and sedatives that allowed him to sleep. One night, however, Jackson wound up with too many competing drugs in his system and he passed away. Authorities pointed the finger at Dr. Murray. He pointed the finger at Jackson himself for supposedly taking extra pills and dosing himself without the Dr.’s consent. The mess played out in the criminal trial back in 2011, and more recently, it played out again in the Jackson Family wrongful death lawsuit over who hired Dr. Murray.

Here’s to hoping the physician is able to figure out a way to support himself that doesn’t involve exploiting his shady history with Jackson.
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