Drake Or Chris Brown: Which Rapper Do You Side With?

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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For every fact we know about the Chris Brown/ Drake fiasco, thereís at least five pieces of information completely up to interpretation. As a result, itís impossible to figure out who the douche bag is and who the victim is, if in fact the two hip-hop stars even conveniently can be sorted into those two camps. More than likely, both made errors in judgment and both contributed to the VIP section at WIP being covered in glass.

Here are the facts we know: Drake and Chris Brown were sitting with their entourages just tables away from each other in the VIP section of WIP. Shouting back-and-forth between the two entourages turned into bottle throwing, which turned into injuries, which turned into the police showing up, which turned into the nightclub being closed for a variety of infractions.

Here are the rumors we have heard: Brown sent a bottle over to Drakeís table, which may or may not have been refused. Drake may or may not have sent a note back mocking Brown about hooking up with Rihanna. Brown may have reacted very poorly and started talking shit. Someone at Drakeís table may have taken the bottle in question and heaved it at his table, starting the expensive and dangerous drink fight.

As for what is true and what isnít true, Iím not even going to bother speculating. I wasnít there, and everyone who was seems to have a personal relationship with one of the two musicians. As a result, everyone is biased and all too willing to point the finger at the other. So, I ask youÖ.knowing what you know about this story and what you know about the rappers, which one do you side with? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

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