Five-Year Engagement Performing Poorly, Should Jason Segel Give Up Writing?

By Mack Rawden 2012-04-28 23:07:44
Early box office numbers have started trickling in, and it seems Jason Segelís newest project The Five-Year Engagement isnít exactly the biggest hit with fans. The former Freaks And Geeks starís previous two writing/ starring vehicles Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Muppets both did more than one hundred million dollars in worldwide business, but with projections putting his latest endeavor at barely ten million for its opening weekend, it's unlikely this newest effort will see anywhere close to that.

Unfortunately for Segel, critics, long champions of the actor, werenít blown away either. The Five-Year Engagement hasnít exactly been trashed by critics, but most reviews have been tepid at best, nearly all pointing out its runtime drags a bit. While I would somewhat agree with that criticism, I still found the movie endearing and funny, and Iím a bit puzzled by the widespread lack of interest. Segel, both on his television show and in his films, has really had a way of connecting with audiences, and Emily Blunt, a rising star in her own right, projected to be the perfect woman to start opposite him.

Segel may have a habit of trying to fit overly complex stories into longer runtimes, especially for comedies, but I truly think his perspective deserves to be out there. His characters always have a mix of humanity and wit about them. I would be very disappointed if The Five-Year Engagementís failure to rake in money harms studiosí willingness to give him creative control in the future, but given Segel's talents at acting, it is a fair question to wonder if his time would be better spent in front of the camera rather than starting on new films from scratch.

What do you think? Would Jason Segel be better served by focusing on acting rather than writing, or is he better when he does both? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Should Jason Segel Continue To Write Movies He Stars In?


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