George Clooney And Stacy Keibler Might Be Finished

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are done. The dashing actor and his beautiful former wrestler girlfriend reportedly called it quits a few weeks ago. Thereís quite a bit of debate as to what the main reason behind the split may have been, but all involved seem to agree they went their separate ways without any hard feelings.

Clooney and Keibler first began dating about two years ago. After an initial flurry of rumors about break-ups, the two settled into a pretty quiet life of red carpet appearances, European trips and Hollywood projects. All in all, they seemed incredibly happy, but given Clooneyís long history of avoiding the alter, fans were never completely convinced these two would last.

Check out what happened when we asked our readers for their thoughts on the coupleís future about there months into their relationshipÖ

Clooney has been very forward about his desire to remain free for a long time, but if some of the loudest rumors about the relationshipís demise are to be believed, walking down the aisle actually wasnít the big sticking point. According to People, Keibler decided she wanted to have a family at some point down the line, and Clooney was reportedly not enthused about the prospect of having kids, even though those babies would have been frontrunners to be among the most beautiful on Earth. Considering sheís thirty-three, she obviously needed to decided whether being with George was more important than having babies, and obviously, he lost that battle, at least if that break-up reason rumor is to be believed.

Another source close to the situation, however, blamed the split on their increasingly hectic schedules. The two havenít been able to spend a ton of time together over the past few months, and amidst that distance, they may have just slowly drifted apart. Then again, itís also possible both of these elements were directly in play or thereís some unknown third sticking point no one is even considering, possibly involving an unwillingness to travel as much, a need to establish roots or disagreements about what shows should get DVRed on the always hectic Sunday nights.

Clooney and Keibler have reportedly continued to talk almost every day since the split happened, but even if thatís the case, there isnít any indication theyíre headed for a backslide. Still, all the fans who liked them together can hope. As for the rest of us, we can send out our sincerest well-wishes to the beautiful couple as they move forward apart. Hereís to hoping they each find exactly what they need in their next partners.

Update: TMZ claims the two are still currently living together, but there are huge problems and without some kind of change, the relationship seems doomed. E! News, however, is very confident the break-up did already happen and supposedly verified the news with its own sources. Regardless of where the truth lies, all involved seem to agree there are serious problems.

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