Get A Look At Beyonce's Beautiful Baby Blue Ivy Carter

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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A few weeks after Beyone gave birth to a healthy baby girl, the pop star and her husband Jay-Z decided to give fans a look at the newest member of their family via an adorable spread of pictures. The photos werent sold for a profit to a tabloid; they were merely the thank you of an excited parent who wanted to repay everyone for the well-wishes.

In the months since that picture dropped, however, Beyonce has been much more guarded about letting Blue Ivys picture be published. While shes taken the pretty little girl on a few shopping trips, shes always tried to cover up her face whenever cameras were present. Consequently, its been a bit of a guessing game as to how the now six-month-old child has progressed, at least until today.

While out shopping, a fan was able to catch Blue Ivy and Beyonce at just the right moment, and it turns out the baby is just as pretty as you might have guessed. Take a look at the evidence below

Beyonce hasnt commented publically on her thoughts about the picture making the rounds. Given her decision to cover Blue Ivy so many times in the past, you would think shes not elated, but with all the thumbs up the shot has gotten, Im sure she sees at least some level of positivity in it. Besides, she has a really cute baby. Im not sure theres much that could bring her down off that high.
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