Glenn Beck had a nice run on Fox News, but as he became a more controversial figure and ratings began to go south, he decided to focus on his radio show and abandon television. A little more than a year later, it seems unlikely he’s having second thoughts about that decision because he was just awarded a gigantic new contract.

According to Reuters, Premiere, the syndicator of his national show, reportedly offered him one hundred million dollars to continue the program for a further five years, and not surprisingly, he’s already accepted the deal. Under the lucrative agreement, the company will also continue running Beck’s other enterprises including the GBTV streaming video network and his personal website.

Conservative voices have long done extremely well on the radio. With Howard Stern’s move to satellite, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Beck are now the three most listened to radio shows on the airwaves. With the latest showing continued growth over the past few years, it doesn’t seem like that juggernaut will stop anytime soon either.

Another big plus for Beck with the new agreement is that he won’t really have to do anything new. The host has always fashioned himself as a speaker and author as well, and even with the new contract, it seems like he’ll be able to indulge those pursuits.

Whether you love him or hate him, Beck is a hot commodity on the radio, and now, he’s going to be paid like one.



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