Heisman Winner Johnny Football Attends Texas Frat Party, Gets Booted

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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As the first freshman in the history of college football to win the Heisman Trophy, Texas A&M quaterback Johnny Manziel is typically welcomed with enthusiastic and outstretched arms damn near everywhere he goes. Unfortunately for the man affectionately known as Johnny Football, however, thereís a big difference between damn near everywhere and everywhere. At least thatís what he found out this weekend when he was caught inside a frat party at the University of Texas and didnít exactly get any autograph requests.

Itís still a little unclear whether Manziel exposed his own identity or whether someone did it for him, but the Longhorn students, who didnít exactly watch his feats with the same admiration as Aggie fans, were none too happy when they discovered the quarterback in their midst. In fact, they threw his ass out of the party, and the rough (and many would say hilarious) treatment was caught on video.

You can take a look at the footage below. Manziel is the dude in pinkÖ

As you can see, someone definitely whips a beer can at him on his way out. There are definitely more than a few harsh words exchanged, and judging by his button down, he may have had a drink poured on him while inside. From a detached perspective, it looks like poor sportsmanship on the part of these frat dudes, but personally, I donít have a problem with it. Thereís a heated passion in college sports thatís unfound anywhere in the world of professional sports. Itís a well known fact that you donít visit a college rival with your own schoolís merchandise on unless youíre willing to catch an almost endless barrage of shit, and if youíre Johnny Football, you can expect even worse. Besides, a frat party has every right to kick anyone out the brothers donít want to be there.

Despite his incredible fame, Johnny Football has had more than his share of off the field problems. From oversleeping his duties at the Manning Passing Academy to misdemeanor charges related to shoving an assistant coach to rumors of aggressive partying, Manziel has pushed the limits with his behavior. According to ESPN, heís been completely unwilling to apologize for his mentality, however, and heís repeatedly vowed to live life like a normal college student.

You can check out Johnnyís comments in response to this latest incident belowÖ

The landscape of college athletics is rapidly changing. Debates on whether or not to pay players or compensate them for using their likeness are playing out in courtrooms. Because of his Heisman trophy win and incredible fame, Manziel is already at the forefront. He even owns a copyright on his own nickname. As such, he can continue to expect to make headlines for years to come, though for his sake, I hope most have to do with on the field wins rather than off the field frat parties.
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