Even if you're not a tech head, it's likely you're at least a little bit curious about the new iPhone 4S, which Apple announced earlier today and already has people both certain it's the next big thing and disappointed it's not a big enough change. Probably the jazziest new feature, though, is Siri, basically a personal assistant built inside your phone that takes voice commands and will do everything from read your voice mails out loud to you to texting your wife to let her know you'll be home late. She also has cooking instructions, which is a lot handier than all the googling I do mid-cooking that gets olive oil all over my screen. Check out this video demonstration of Siri below.

If Apple has built Siri as well as they build all their other products, this might be the first voice-recognition software that's actually useful, and really could change the way you use your phone-- the possibilities truly seem endless. But is an update like Siri enough, given that the basic design of the phone hasn't changed, and other upgrades people were hoping for-- like 4G capability or a larger screen-- aren't part of the deal. If you have an iPhone 4S, it won't look any different from other peoples' iPhone 4 phones-- and let's face it, the cool factor of having the shiniest new toy is what a lot of us look for in these upgrades. Let us know in the poll below if features like Siri or tabbed browsing are enough to get you pumped.

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