James Franco To Publish First Novel

By Jessica Grabert 4 years ago
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James Franco seems to be getting over his invisible art phase. Which is great, since he has a super busy year coming up, with 10 open projects on the forefront. Busy or not, Franco apparently still has some free time on his hands, and heíll channel that into a new project: publishing his first full-length novel.

After working on the novel, the 33 year-old actor and writer brokered a deal with Amazon to publish. According to The New York Observer, Amazonís fiction editor, Ed Park, first acquired Francoís book, called Actors Anonymous. Actors Anonymous will be loosely based on the star's experiences in Hollywood. We donít know exactly what ďlooselyĒ means at this juncture, but Iím hoping weíll find some recognizable characters within the confines of his pages. Things could get really juicy.

Iím really happy Franco didnít choose to go the way of Palo Alto with his first full-length endeavor. Palo Alto was a 2011 book of short stories by Franco, published by Scribner. The title follows a bunch of low-life, messed up younger people who canít seem to figure out how to get their acts together. Itís like some Bret Easton Ellis stuff, only with less wit and compelling characters. Hopefully, in writing about real life, Franco will be able to get the words to come out right.

In any case, weíre interested. Pop Blend will keep you posted when Amazon announces a release date. Letís hope it comes sometime in 2012.
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