Japanese Institute Says Antarctic Fish Has Clear Blood

By Jessica Rawden 2013-04-06 14:18:20
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Most creatures on the planet have red blood thanks to hemoglobin, a metalloprotein that transports blood throughout the bodies of vertebrates. Now, however, a group of Japanese researchers have discovered a fish with clear blood. The fish is known as the ocellated ice fish and has many crazy bodily aspects, but the most interesting thing about the Antarctic-based species is that it lacks hemoglobin Instead, the blood flows as a clear entity.

Examples of the ocellated ice fish are currently living in the Tokyo Sea Life Park after having been brought to Japan by krill fishermen. Researchers in Japan have been able to study both a female and male fish of the species and have found that the fish is able to survive frigid temperatures and accomplish things most other fish do. According to Nature World News, the fish is able to have a relatively normal fish life, thanks to an enlarged heart that uses blood plasma to transport oxygen. Additionally, the fish lacks scales, which enables the ocellated ice fish to absorb oxygen that way, as well.

Scientists have not been able to determine why the Antarctic fish lacks hemoglobin, but since the Japanese institute has both a male and female example and those spawned together in early January. Scientists hope they will be able to follow the fish as well as their spawn in order to learn far more about the species and, hopefully, unlock even more secrets.

Sometimes rarities fall right into someone’s lap when he or she least expects it, and hopefully, the Japanese institute can come up with some concrete answers concerning the strange-looking fish.
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