Jennifer Hudson And Selena Gomez's Sudden Illnesses Catches Public Off-Guard

By Monica Castillo 2011-06-10 21:38:01
There are many appeals to following the young and wealthy. For instance, you usually don’t have to write about mysterious food poisonings or strange pains. But two starlets fell ill on either side of the country and the space-time continuum of celebrity news was disturbed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Hudson was slated to appear at two early morning talk shows, and Early Show. She performed for ABC’s Good Morning America audience before throwing in the towel and declaring herself too sick to perform her next set. She was taken to a local NY hospital and treated for food poisoning. Urgh, I think my insides just lurched from typing that.

On the West Coast side of life, Disney poster girl, Selena Gomez was chatting happily with Tonight Show host Jay Leno about introducing her mom to Justin Bieber. Not just to his music, but to the actual boy wonder himself. Good news Tiger Beat, mom approves! But all joking aside, just after the taping, Selena was taken to the hospital with complaints of headaches and nausea. MTV News reports no further information is known other than “she is currently undergoing routine tests.” Although Jennifer Hudson has been released, Selena Gomez is still checked in at the hospital.

Wait! I think I may have solved the mystery. Both of the young ladies were affiliated with Disney that morning. Selena is contractually stuck with them until she reached High School Musical age, and Jennifer Hudson was on the ABC set of Good Morning America. ABC is owned by Disney. There must be a plot to tarnish the good reputation of Disney!

Or it may just be a good valuable life lesson about reading Yelp reviews before eating in LA or NYC. Learn from the young and the wealthy.
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