Joe Simpson Arrested For DWI

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Over the past few years, Joe Simpson has largely retreated from the public eye. Whether that was the byproduct of his daughters growing up or the byproduct of wanting to be less visible is unclear, but regardless, the former minister hasnít generated many headlines lately. Unfortunately, his quiet streak abruptly ended this morning when news of a recent arrest leaked to the media.

According to TMZ, Joe was pulled over in Sherman Oaks, California back on August 4th around 10 PM. Officers reportedly suspected he may have been drinking; so, they talked to him at length, eventually deciding to haul him off to jail. Simpson was later booked for driving while intoxicated and forced to sleep it off for a night in jail. He was released the following morning and has not spoken publically about what happened.

Itís unclear whether prosecutors will decide to move forward and file charges against Simpson for what happened. If they do, heíll likely release a statement. If they donít, heíll definitely let this one slip away. The repercussions in California of a first alcohol-related driving offense in which no one was injured arenít too steep, but the public backlash isnít exactly something anyone would willingly choose to deal with.

Weíll keep you updated if anything noteworthy happens with this case. Until then, use this story as yet another reason to call a cab.
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