Journey Getting 500K To Play Fundraiser For Romney

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Hoping to land some big checks from some committed donors, the American Action Network, a political campaign committee supporting Mitt Romney, has decided to hire Journey for an upcoming fundraiser. In exchange for a ninety-minute set, the guys will receive a whopping five hundred thousand dollars, more than enough to pay for a midnight train goiní anywhere. The gig is set to go down on Thursday in Tampa and will, of course, be reserved for only the most generous Romney supporters.

According to TMZ, the band members arenít trying to make any kind of political statement with their appearance, but unlike Twisted Sister, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne and numerous others, theyíre fine with their music being connected with a Republican campaign stop. Theyíre reportedly going to treat the performance just like any other, whether it helps fund Mittís campaign or not.

Since this story first broke, there has been quite a backlash for what many consider a reckless use of funds. Regardless of oneís feelings on Romney, itís important to realize some of this outrage is a bit misdirected. The presidential candidate himself is not paying for Journey, nor is his official campaign. A political action committee who supports him is funding the appearance, and more than likely, the organization will receive a nice return on its investment. In order to satisfy and please the type of donors who shell out millions of dollars, bold moves like hiring Journey are required. That might seem ludicrous to outsiders, but to a large extent, thatís how the political system works. Both Republicans and Democrats throw fundraisers featuring incredibly expensive food and entertainment. So, if you're disgusted by this, be more disgusted with the system and this one particular event.
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