Justin Bieber Allegedly Smoked Out A Plane So Badly The Pilot Had To Wear A Gas Mask

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Whatís the craziest thing youíve ever done on a plane? Have you smuggled on extra ounces of shampoo? Have you boarded before your assigned row was called? Have you used a carry-on thatís too large or failed to return your seat to the full upright position? Probably. What about this one? Have you repeatedly harassed a flight attendant and smoked so much marijuana on a private plane that the pilots were forced to wear gas masked so they wouldnít fail their next drug tests? Justin Bieber has apparently done that last one.

Remember when the singer and his entourage were detained for five hours at a New Jersey airport before the Super Bowl? The unexpected delay was initially chalked up to ďweed smellĒ, but a whole host of backstory has just come out over at NBC News. In short, itís almost too crazy to be believed.

The official report of the incident claims Bieber and his entourage of about ten, including his father, boarded the plane in Canada, and the problems began almost immediately. Despite repeated warnings from the pilots, the Biebs and company allegedly harassed the flight attendant with such verbal persistence that the pilot was forced to order her to stay inside the cockpit. She later vowed never to work another flight with the pop star again. In addition, the pot smell from the back of the plane was reportedly so pungent that the crew could smell it while they were flying the plane. When calls to stop had no affect, they were allegedly forced to wear gas masks to make sure they didnít fail future drug tests to keep their pilot licenses.

How does something like that happen? People are always fond of asking that question following a particularly bizarre incident involving a celebrity. Nine-times-out-of-ten, the answer is ďvery slowlyĒ. Tiger Woods didnít wake up and suddenly have a dozen or so mistresses. He slowly added them to the fold until the number was almost too comical to be believed. Jay Leno didnít suddenly have an urge to buy more than one hundred cars. He added to his collection whenever he saw something he liked until they could no longer fit in his garage. And Justin Bieber, well, the Biebs didnít just randomly decide to hotbox a plane against the pilotís orders. He clearly has spent the past year pushing and pushing and pushing the envelope, inch by inch until the next inch was too shocking for the average person to believe.
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