Justin Bieber Arrested For Drag Racing And DUI In Miami

By Steve West 2 years ago
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The Justin Bieber spiral continues along this week as the 19-year-old pop star has been arrested for drag racing in Miami, FL. Police stopped Bieber in the early hours of Thursday, January 23 for drag racing in a rented Lamborghini. Bieber was allegedly incoherent and fumbling, and when given a field sobriety test he failed. The singer also apparently placed his hands in his pockets and resisted arrest with no violence.

As of this morning no charges have been officially filed, and Bieber is currently at the jail awaiting processing and then bail will be set. Bobby Hernandez, a Miami police spokesperson, told the Miami New Times, ďKid needs help.Ē Thatís an understatement if Iíve ever heard one. Between his growing irrelevance to the music scene, and the inane antics of the last few weeks, Bieberís become out of control.

The Miami police confirmed the arrest of both Justin Bieber and R&B singer Khalil Sharief this morning:

The police are going to release more information on the arrests soon, but will not release the mug shots until Miami Dade County Corrections has them properly processed. So weíll have to wait to see if Bieber gets to have one of those iconic mug shots. My hope is heíll have his hand up by his chin with a, ďHey girl,Ē look in his eyes.

The yellow Lamborghini in the tweet below from the local Miami NBC affiliate is the one Bieber was racing in when arrested at 4:00am this morning.

At this point I canít help but think that Bieber either doesnít care, or thinks heís untouchable. He certainly needs help, and our judicial system isnít all that adept at helping people with serious emotional and psychological problems. But letting him slide on this would be a huge mistake, I donít care how deep his pocketbook goes. Book the kid, throw him in jail for a bit, and then maybe get some people around him who are family. Who care for him, and want to help. He needs to lose the entourage, especially as they are just reinforcing his immortal god mentality.

I want to hate the kid too. But Iíll stick with hating his shitty music, the truth is that the music industry and the public have not helped Bieber at all. When youíre fed bullshit for most of your formative years, you believe the hype. Now heís having his entourage clear the streets so he can race a sports car around like a fool. According to the initial reports by TMZ, Bieber had a model friend in the car with him while drag racing. Way to put more lives at risk, you douchebag.

As Bieber is currently being processed and things are developing, Iím sure we havenít heard the last of this latest debacle. Weíll have more when, and if, it comes to light.

NBC6, the local affiliate, has put up the video below of girls chasing after Justin as he got pulled over by police.

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