Almost immediately after the French version of Closer published the topless pictures of Kate Middleton, publicists for the royal family announced a lawsuit would be filed in response to the gross violation of privacy. Initially, it was widely assumed the legal action would dissuade other outlets not to run the photographs, but in the days since, the Irish Daily Star and an Italian magazine have both announced they’re going to feature the unedited snapshots.

Consequently, the royal family is at a fork in the road. On the one hand, if it doesn’t follow through with its promised legal action, it will almost invite other photographers to stalk Kate in order to try and get more compromising photographs. On the other hand, you can only file so many lawsuits. One against the original publisher, Closer, would be relatively inexpensive, but three, four, five or ten depending on whether others jump on the bandwagon would be expensive, time-consuming and only keep the story in the headlines.

Public response has been overwhelmingly sympathetic to Kate, probably because she didn’t do a single thing risky or morally debatable. She was a married woman on a private property, enjoying a nice afternoon with her husband when some asshole, reportedly from a half a mile away, snapped some blurry photographs. Thus, it’s not surprising the crown would want to inflict some kind of punishment, but whether it’s worth going to court is unclear.

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Should Will And Kate Sue Every Outlet That Publishes The Pics?

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