Kelly Osbourne might be the most injury prone celebrity of the century. Thus far in the 2000s she has managed to mangle her feet thanks to a stint on Dancing with the Stars. More recently she took a tumble in Miami that ended in a concussion. Now, the lovely lass has outdone her prior injuries and hurt herself in a pretty ridiculous manner: she fell out of her own bed.

The short fall out of bed managed to fracture Osbourne’s left hand in three different places. For most of the population, this would be more of an annoyance than an actual hindrance. I for one would much rather mangle my left hand than my more needed right. However, Osbourne unluckily happens to be left handed, so her klutzy tumble really blows. According to E! Online, the 27 year-old has had to be coddled a little bit by her mother, who has had to help her with such basic daily activities as cutting her food.
"I feel like a baby again. Of course my mum is loving it!"

There is no word yet on how long her left hand will take to heal, but here’s to hoping she gets use it soon. There’s nothing like having to be taken care of by your mother for weeks on end when you already consider yourself to be an independent adult. Besides, if anyone deserves to be injury-free in 2012, it’s probably Kelly Osbourne.



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