Lindsay Lohan’s time in court ended with her in handcuffs earlier today after the judge repeatedly admonished the starlet for not treating her sentence with respect. The actress appeared for what should have been a routine status update, but ultimately, it proved to be anything but ordinary.

Lohan was previously sentenced to 480 hours of community service to be completed between May and April, but as of this morning, she had only completed 21. Additionally, the Women’s Center where she as assigned to complete the bulk of her time, gave her the boot for continuingly failing to show up. Her defense argued she willingly switched to the Red Cross because the Women’s Center wasn’t fulfilling, but the judge didn’t agree that community service should be fulfilling.

According to Reuters, Lohan’s bail was revoked at the end of the hearing, and a November 2nd court date was scheduled to determine whether the actress should spend more time in jail. She offered up one hundred thousand dollars as collateral and was free to leave within a few hours.

Based on the judge’s harsh words, one would think Lohan’s fate is pretty much sealed, but the truth is far more complicated. She may be massively behind on her community service hours, but she already complied with the judge’s requests to get therapy and complete a shoplifting course. If she works really hard over the next few weeks and gets another twenty hours or so done, that may be enough progress to warrant her simply continuing on probation. We shall see.



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