Lindsay Lohan’s finances might be a hot mess right now, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still willing to play fast and loose with money. Earlier this week, the actress hit up the set of Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management to earn a much-needed paycheck. While there, she allegedly walked off with numerous costuming items and had producers deduct the price from her salary.

At least that’s what Lindsay is reportedly telling friends, but if TMZ is to be believed, it was all a little shadier than that. The outlet claims the woman in charge of wardrobe asked Lindsay to write a check for the stuff that was missing, and when that didn’t happen, she supposedly told her producers would deduct it from her check. Regardless of what really happened, everyone will get paid. It’s just a question of whether observers want to give LiLo the benefit of the doubt or not. Unfortunately, considering she’s currently on probation for theft and has been a person of interest in other theft investigations, it’s likely most people will choose to believe the worst.

Lohan is a talented actress that, at her best, can really sparkle on screen. Apart from this wardrobe incident, she was apparently dynamite in all of her scenes and got along great with the cast and crew. Here’s to hoping we start hearing about more of those stories and less of these sticky fingers incidents moving forward.



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