Listen To This Little Girl Explain Her Mom's Pregnancy

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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When you ask a child a question, you never know whether youíll get an answer filled with an unnecessarily long stream of words or the simplest and bluntest response possible. Let the record show this video most definitely represents the latter alternative.

Asked whatís happening in October, three-year-old Adela, who is munching hard on her cereal, responds by directly stating a baby is going to come out of momís vagina. Of course, sheís not wrong, but between her tone and the nonchalant way she states it, the scenes is pretty hilarious, which is probably why her parents decided to use the clip as the way they told their friends and relatives they were expecting another child.

Children can be loud, goofy and messy, but luckily, they can also be pretty damn adorable too. With curly hair, one of the shiniest bibs Iíve ever seen and an endless arsenal of optimism, this little girl is as cute as can be, and for her parentsí sake, I hope the new addition to their family will be every bit as loveable, cheerful and easy to get along with as this daughter.
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