Lost star Matthew Fox has joined castmates desperate to leave paradise - because he's sick of Hawaii.

After show love interest Evangeline Lilly confessed she was allergic to so many things on the series' Oahu set during a recent appearance on America's The Late Show With David Letterman, Fox admits he no longer likes living there while filming.

He says, "I've been living in Hawaii for three-and-a-half years now and it's not really paradise anymore. Throwing snowballs on a mountain top is now my idea of paradise. I enjoy getting off the island. It's a beautiful place and my kids are happy there and it's been a good place for us to be for the past three years... but it's not a place we're gonna stay after Lost is finished."

The only thing Fox is grateful for as a Hawaiian resident is the fact he isn't bothered by the paparazzi who stalk his celebrity pals in Hollywood. He adds, "One thing that was beneficial in Hawaii was I didn't get the whole paparazzi thing in my daily life and photographs of my kids. If it happened it would be very rare."

"There's not a lot of paparazzi who want to do the 2,500 mile trek into the South Pacific to get a picture of me walking on the beach. I think if I was living in Los Angeles it would be more difficult for me." (KL/WN/GES)

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