A lot of different adjectives could be used to describe Maya Rudolph’s comedy but perhaps none were would be better or more fitting than unselfish. The thirty-eight year old longtime Saturday Night Live veteran and recent star of Bridesmaids is more than capable of stealing scenes, but she’s even better at playing the straight woman to the more energetic stars around her. Not everyone can be the focal point. If multiple people try, it just brings down the whole operation, but Maya’s never tried to do that. With a cunning smile, a well placed accent and a great confused face, she makes everyone around her twenty percent funnier. That same unselfishness that helped her thrive in Bridesmaids is also what will make her a great mother.

Earlier this month, Rudolph along with stable, longtime partner Paul Thomas Anderson, gave birth to the couple’s third child. According to Access Hollywood, the boy was completely healthy, though he still hasn’t been publically christened. His siblings are named Pearl and Lucille; so, expect him to receive a classic handle befitting the son of two wonderful Hollywood talents.

Pop Blend would like to send out our congratulations to the whole family. Rudolph is set to return to television this fall in the new sitcom Up All Night. With Christina Applegate and Will Arnett also on board, she should fare quite well. You’ll be able to catch it on NBC.



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